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Welcome to the website of the Heart Failure Association


Important : We remind you that we do not accept memberships or monetary donations. Please refer to this link for more information: https://www.absencecardiaque.fr/l-association/edito-de-la-presidente


We would like to point out that we are not doctors. Therefore, we will never give you information on your results of analyzes or consultations. We thank you for agreeing to consult your doctor or your cardiologist, it is their job.


This site is entirely dedicated to people with heart failure. We try to inform you as best we can about this disease.

The main purpose of the Heart Failure Association is:

  • to facilitate meetings between people with insufficient heart disease,
  • facilitate exchanges between patients and health professionals,
  • facilitate access to information on heart failure and cardiovascular disease
  • participate in various events concerning heart failure as well as other cardiovascular diseases

You will also discover on our forum all the information relating to cardiovascular diseases, innovations in cardiovascular disease care, all the examinations concerning cardiovascular diseases, etc ...

We try as much as possible to create an interdependence between patients and caregivers. For this we have a network of caregivers on Linkedin: cardiologists, emergency physicians, nurses, nursing assistants.